Head of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Dmitry Baskov resigns

President of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Dmitry Baskov submitted a letter of resignation, reported on the federation website.

“In my decision, I was guided by one thing: Belarusian hockey should not suffer,” his words are quoted from an interview with the Belarus 1 state TV channel.

When asked about political accusations, Basque said: “You know, this is my personal position and my business. I” waved “the national flag of my country, and this is my country, my president, my national flag and my personal right. And neither the International Ice Hockey Federation, nor Rene Fasel, nor the IIHF Disciplinary Committee have the right to tell me how to behave. “

On September 8, the International Ice Hockey Federation disqualified Baskov for five years. He was suspended from all national and international hockey events for five years, from September 10, 2021 to September 9, 2026.

The decision came after ten months of investigation by the disciplinary board of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which found that Basque had violated the IIHF’s Code of Conduct. “The council has provided sufficient evidence that Baskov tried to directly influence others to support the government of Belarus, and also threatened and discriminated against Belarusian athletes because of their political beliefs,” the organization said in a statement.

Dmitry Baskov, the head coach of the hockey team Alexander Lukashenko, as well as the famous Belarusian kickboxer Dmitry Shakutu, the hockey player of the Bastion amateur team, which includes Lukashenko’s eldest son Viktor, are considered to be involved in the death of Minsk resident Roman Bondarenko. He died on November 12, 2020 at the hospital. The day before, unidentified men in civilian clothes, who tore off white-red-white ribbons in the courtyard of his house, grabbed him and took him away in an unknown direction. Two hours later, Roman was taken to the police station, beaten and unconscious. An hour and a half later he was taken to the emergency hospital in a coma, after which he died.


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