Documentary shows that 10 questions about stab in Bolsonaro remain unanswered today

The documentary “Bolsonaro and Adélio: a fake in the heart of Brazil”, produced by journalist Joaquim de Carvalho, from the website Brasil 247, succeeds in listing evidence that the stab inflicted on the then PSL candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in September 2018 it may have been a self-attack.

The film also has merit in locating, in Montes Claros (MG), Adélio Bispo de Oliveira’s sister, Maria das Graças de Oliveira. In an interview, she claims that Adélio asked her to change her current lawyer, but that she does not have the money to hire a new defender and that she faces great difficulty in establishing contact with her brother’s current legal representative, who would be neglecting his obligation to maintain contact with your client’s family.

The sister of the author of the stab questions the fact that lawyer Zanone Manuel de Oliveira Júnior is Adélio’s “tutor”, who was considered unimputable after his defense was successful in supporting the thesis that Adélio suffers from mental insanity. With this, the aggressor from Bolsonaro was the target of a security measure that prevents him from being brought to trial, and is thus in State custody without an established deadline, as he is considered a citizen who, if released, could endanger his own life and that of other people.

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Adelio is currently complying with an “internment security measure” at the Federal Penitentiary of Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul, for “its high danger.” The Ministry of Justice states that there is a basic health unit in this establishment. and adequate psychiatric care for the treatment that had been imposed on him. The film argues that he should be transferred to a psychiatric hospital for custody and treatment, as required by law.

The reference to the word “fake” right in the title, emphasizing the episode’s falsehood before presenting the complexity of the research to the viewer, is not consistent with the seriousness of the work shown in the documentary. This fact is symbolic, it should be noted, of some exaggerations made in the assembly of the material.

But the eventual slips that are observed do not detract from the strength and importance of the film, which has already reached more than 600 thousand views on the 247 TV channel on YouTube in less than three days of exhibition and generated great repercussion on social networks.

Federal Deputy Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP), for example, announced on Monday (13), influenced by the production of the documentary, that he will file a request to open a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the stab wound, in order to seek the answers to the questions that the documentary raises.

“Bolsonaro had 8 seconds of television and now it has 24 hours […]. It was in the stab that he won the elections”, said the deputy to the Poder360 website.

Joaquim de Carvalho’s work brings a chronological chain that facilitates the understanding of the details of the September 6, 2018 episode. The team went to Juiz de Fora, a city in Minas Gerais where the stab wound occurred, and interviewed a number of characters involved in the incident.

One of the good interviews aired is with the president of the city’s trade association, who organized Bolsonaro’s trip to the city. In the testimony, brought to the screen right at the beginning of the film, the businessman strangely mentions the fact that Bolsonaro did not wear a bulletproof vest in the crowd, a procedure that contrasted with the candidate’s practice in almost all of the campaign schedules that fulfilled in 2018.

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The journalist also spoke with a professional colleague, a photographer, a waiter where the then candidate had lunch on the day of the attack and a cafeteria attendant where Bolsonaro was stretched out after being stabbed, among other characters. Even conversations that the reporter was unable to make bring spice to the film and show the disgust and apprehension of those involved in reliving the case.

The documentary has more questions than answers – and that is what it proposes to do, as stated by its own author.

See, below, ten relevant points brought by the film that still have no clear answer to this day.

1) What determined that Bolsonaro’s security in Juiz de Fora was different from other protection schemes, carried out on other trips?

Bolsonaro’s trip to the city of Minas Gerais was not attended by the president’s security chief. In the car that took him from Rio de Janeiro to Juiz de Fora, Lieutenant Sérgio Cordeiro and Max Guilherme, sergeant of the BOPE, responsible for the escort, were not present. The two still work with the president, as special advisors to the Planalto Palace.

2) What motivated Carlos Bolsonaro to change the pattern adopted on other trips and choose to travel to his father’s campaign event in the city of Minas Gerais?

The presence of Carlos Bolsonaro on the trip to the city in Minas Gerais was different from the pattern of the president’s other campaign commitments. According to the then president of the PSL, Gustavo Bebbiano, who led Bolsonaro’s party at the time, Carlos had not traveled anywhere else with his father.

3) What motivated the then candidate’s refusal to wear the bulletproof vest?

The testimony of the president of the Commercial Association of Juiz de Fora to journalist Joaquim de Carvalho points out that there was a bulletproof vest in the car that took Bolsonaro to Halfeld Park, his last appointment before the stab wound. According to the businessman, Bolsonaro chose not to use it.

4) What is the exact relationship between Carlos Bolsonaro and Adélio Bispo de Oliveira?

Adélio’s visit to a shooting club in Florianópolis, in July 2018, on the same day that Carlos Bolsonaro was in space, was explored by the film. The piece highlights that the owner of the space initially denied the information to the press, but in a statement to the PF, she backed down. Another detail is an attempt by Adélio to go towards Carlos a few minutes before the attack. Upon noticing the approach, Carlos changes direction and gets into the entourage’s car.

5) How did Adélio manage to pay admission to the shooting club, the trip to Juiz de Fora and accommodation?

The film also shows that Adélio lived in almost miserable conditions. He had difficulty paying the bills and slept in inns and hostels. However, it is noteworthy that he has gathered resources to pay all the costs with cash.

6) Why does lawyer Zanone Manuel de Oliveira Júnior continue to be Adélio’s tutor and who paid his fees?

Attorney Zanone Manuel de Oliveira Júnior is Adélio’s “tutor”, who was considered unimpeachable after his defense proved an alleged mental insanity. The film shows that Adélio’s sister said that he asked her to change her lawyer, but she doesn’t have the money to pay for the replacement. So far, it is not known who pays Zanone’s fees.

7) What were the medicines ingested by Bolsonaro during an event in Juiz de Fora?

During a press conference in Juiz de Fora, the president took two medications in front of the press. One of them was fizzy. The other a pill. The film, when considering the possibility of a self-attack, highlights the possibility of ingesting an anesthetic.

8) For what reason did the hospital not submit a medical record to the Federal Police?

According to the film, the Albert Einstein Hospital did not deliver Bolsonaro’s medical record to the Federal Police. The president’s doctor, Antônio Macedo, who was one of the main oncologists at the house, is no longer part of the hospital’s staff. Brasil de Fato sent a question to Albert Einstein. So far, there has been no return.

9) Did Bolsonaro, in fact, “celebrate” the stab in speech to Paulo Marinho and “predict” the episode in conversation with Joyce Hasselmann?

Businessman Paulo Marinho, one of the main articulators of Bolsonaro’s campaign, revealed that the then candidate said he would be elected after suffering a knife attack during his campaign in Juiz de Fora (MG). The scene took place during Marinho’s first visit to the hospital after the attack. In a live broadcast from the Daily of the World Center, Joyce Hasselmann said she revealed that the head of the federal executive told her, days before the 2018 presidential contest, that “if I took a stab, I would win the election.” In a BBC Brasil report, Steve Bannon said, in August 2018, in a meeting held with Eduardo Bolsonaro, that he foresaw the possibility of his father suffering an attack. “[O risco] it’s not about their political opponents, it’s about the nature of anarchy in Brazil,” said the American.

The lines, alone, are far from proving anything, but a self-attack cannot be ruled out, at least as a line of investigation that should have been considered by law enforcement authorities.

10) Why did the Bolsonaro family not appeal the court decision?

In July 2019, Adélio was considered inescapable. The decision could have been challenged by Bolsonaro, but it was enshrined after the Federal Public Ministry and the president’s own defense gave up on appealing the case.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla


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