Digital book highlights poetry by black authors from Rio Grande do Sul

The project “Do Fogo que Arde em Nós” will promote and promote the literary production of black women authors from Rio Grande do Sul in a virtual book (e-book) featuring four poets selected from a public call. Scheduled for release in late September, the collection seeks to highlight the strong presence of black authors in the field of literature.

The four selected bring diversity in their writings: from slam poetry, to rap writing, to more traditional poetry, to academic research reports with scribbles. Agnes Maria is an artivist, writer, educator, musician, producer, composer and slammer. Claudia Daiane Garcia Molet she is a samba composer, composer, plotter, teacher and researcher. Eliana Marah is a poet, Professor of Letters. Black Pearl is an independent artist and rapper.

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The publication will be made available through the e-book and virtual portal, featuring fifteen texts by each selected author. Authored by journalist and cultural producer Ediane Oliveira, the project was approved in the Diversidade das Culturas edict, in the Literature category of the Marcopolo Foundation, carried out with resources from the Aldir Blanc Law.

O project site is still under construction and will soon be available. More information no instagram.

Title refers to poem by Conceição Evaristo

The project’s title refers to and pays homage to the work of the writer Conceição Evaristo. According to the organization of the project, this reference expresses the collective spirit of resistance, knowledge and black female subjectivity, described in the poem “From the fire that burns in me”. She also remembers that Evaristo is also known for coining the poetic-political concept of “scribbles”, which the author suggests as a writing committed to the condition of black women in a society marked by gender, race, class and sexuality discrimination.

According to the creator and organizer of the e-book Ediane Oliveira, the dissemination and visibility of black women’s writing based on their creative processes is essential to be valued.

“The space of literature for black women is still a field to be occupied more and more by us. There is, above all, an enormous diversity of black female writing, through slammers, MCs, poets and researchers. We are constantly producing a creative, poetic and powerful writing through our writings”, he pointed out.

The idea was also born out of her master’s research in Anthropology, in which Ediane researched experiences and epistemologies of black women in Pelotas and was able to live with the knowledge of three interlocutors who are references in culture and in griô knowledge, such as Mrs. Sirley Amaro (master griô and storyteller), Ernestina Pereira (political activist and trade unionist) and Maria Baptista (exponent in the dissemination of Sopapo).

In addition to the e-book, the project foresees the creation of a website with the dissemination of other black poets from the South, especially those who signed up and were not selected. The project is editorially coordinated and organized by Ediane Oliveira. The graphic design, cover and visual identity are by Priscila Lampazzi.

Black authors from the South who want to send their poems and writings can forward it to the following e-mail: [email protected]

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira


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