A piece of cement was found in the heart of an American

A piece of cement was found in the heart of an American

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A piece of cement removed from a man’s heart

A thin and sharp foreign body ruptured the man’s right atrium and right lung. He was saved.

A foreign body was found in the heart of a 56-year-old US resident, which turned out to be a ten-centimeter piece of cement. This was reported by the site Live Science citing an article in The New England Journal of Medicine.

It is noted that the man went to the hospital with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath, which he experienced for two days.

X-rays and computed tomography showed a foreign body in his heart. During an emergency operation, doctors discovered a thin, sharp piece of cement that had ruptured the right atrium and right lung. The fragment was 10.1 centimeters long.

Photo: nejm.org
Intracardiac cement embolism

A week earlier, the man underwent kyphoplasty due to a compression fracture of the spine. The procedure involves the introduction of special bone cement into the vertebrae, which strengthens them.

Kyphoplasty is considered safe: according to the American Association of Neurosurgeons, less than 2% of people experience complications after the procedure.

However, there is a minimal risk that the cement will leak from the bone tissue to other areas and cause blockage of the blood vessels.

According to the authors of the article, this is exactly what happened to the man – the cement seeped from the vertebra into the vein, where it hardened, and then penetrated into the heart.

It is emphasized that the foreign body was successfully removed and after a month the patient was almost completely recovered.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of China lived for four years with a toothpick in his heart.

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