Navalny wins German media freedom award

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is in a colony in the Vladimir region, won the German prize in the field of media “M100 Media Award”… Its solemn presentation took place on October 6 in Potsdam. On behalf of Navalny, his colleague Leonid Volkov accepted the award.

The M100 Media Award has been awarded since 2005 for contributions to media freedom and freedom of expression, and to strengthening democratic principles. As reported by Deutsche Welle, earlier its laureates were Natalya Sindeeva, Director General of the Russian Dozhd TV channel, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the founder of Doctors Without Borders, Bernard Kouchner, and others. By awarding the prize to Navalny, its founders, as they say in their statement, “emphasize the importance of protecting European values ​​by the independent opposition and civil society,” and the awarding of the prize to the Russian oppositionist is recognized to remind the political prisoners in Russia – there are, according to human rights activists, about 400 of them, including Navalny himself.

Speaking at the ceremony, the chairman of the Free Democratic Party, which is now negotiating a possible participation in the ruling coalition, Christian Lindner, said: “We in Germany sometimes complain about oppression of pluralism or restrictions on freedom of speech, but how petty our complaints seem against the background of what is happening in Russia “. He supported the proposal of Navalny’s team about personal sanctions against Russian corrupt officials.

Earlier, Navalny became a laureate of the Polish Knight of Freedom Prize. The ceremony of its presentation took place the other day. Former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves spoke at it, criticizing Western countries for not paying enough attention to human rights in Russia and for often putting pragmatic and economic considerations above moral ones in relations with authoritarian countries. The speech received high marks from Navalny’s comrades-in-arms.

  • The personal blogs of Navalny’s supporters and the Navalny LIVE YouTube channel attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views. The Russian authorities are trying to block information resources related to Navalny.


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