Law requiring vaccination in servers is sanctioned in PE; those who do not comply may be removed

A law was passed that requires immunization against covid-19 for civil servants, public employees, state military, temporary contractors and service providers throughout the state of Pernambuco. Proceeding urgently, the Complementary Law Project (PLC) No. 2661/2021 had been approved by the state legislature at the end of September and the sanction came at the beginning of the month of October. The idea is that with the proven vaccination of servers, the return of face-to-face activities in the public service is made more quickly and with health safety.

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Proof of Vaccination

Until October 29, all civil servants – including those in home office or they are temporary workers – they must prove that they are immunized. Both a copy of the proof of vaccination, which must be registered as faithful to the original document by the public servant who received it after due verification, and the national certificate of vaccination, in the printed version, issued through the application or on the website, serve as proof. Connect SUS Citizen.

Only those who will not need to prove vaccination will be people who have health reasons that contraindicate the vaccine. Instead of proof of immunization, these employees must submit a medical statement that contraindicates immunization.

Outsourced companies that provide services to the State Government must also submit a declaration stating that all persons bound by the contract with the state public administration are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Proof of vaccination or presentation of a medical statement must be made by the worker in the personnel management area of ​​the body, entity or exercise power in which he/she works.

Leave of Employees

Those who do not present neither the proof nor the medical license will be “prevented from remaining in their places of work, being attributed absence from service until the effective regularization”, according to the text of the law. After 30 days of unjustified absence from work, an administrative proceeding may be instituted to investigate the abandonment of service by the public servant.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga


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