SP: Front line against Covid, Health workers will have to pay Social Security deficit

On the agenda this Thursday (14), at the Chamber of Councilors of São Paulo, the vote on the Social Security Reform in São Paulo. The Organic Law Project (PLO) 7/2021, sent to the House by Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB), will charge municipal employees for the damages of Social Security in the municipality. Among them, health professionals, who since March 2020 have been at the forefront of combating the coronavirus pandemic.

In December 2018, the City of São Paulo had already increased the social security contribution rate of public servants from 11% to 14%. Now, the reform proposed by Nunes also intends to tax retirees who earn above the minimum wage. The capital of São Paulo has 121 thousand active workers and 113 thousand retired workers.

The debate on PLO 7 started on Wednesday afternoon (13) and ended at 11:30 pm. Outside, a large demonstration closed the Viaduto Jacareí, in front of the City Hall. Servants protested the mayor’s proposal, which once again burdens the category.

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For councilwoman Elaine Mineiro (PSOL), the reform proposed by Nunes will take account of the deficit of the poorest population. “When the City of São Paulo tries for the second time in less than three years to change the rules of retirement at the expense of revising the exemptions, it is showing that it works for a part of the population, which is not the citizen who lives on the outskirts of the city and depends on the public service.”

The congressman explains that before the bill reaches the worker, Nunes should look for alternatives to appease the R$ 5.7 billion deficit of the Social Security. As an example, Mineiro recalls the tax exemptions granted by the City, such as the R$ 200 million to the Stock Exchange, and the excess of commissioned workers, today are 11,958, which have no social security contribution.

“This set of practices is regrettable and has also generated a gradual effect of inverting the age pyramid in the municipal administration, where there is more growth in employees retiring than in active ones contributing to social security. This distortion, resulting from illegal practices by the administration, has also been causing the alleged social security deficit that Mayor Ricardo Nunes now uses as a justification to aggravate the situation of the civil servants”, concludes Mineiro.

Edition: Anelize Moreira


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