“Work hard and don’t piss off”: lecture for servers generates criticism in Cascavel (PR)

The City Hall of Cascavel, in western Paraná, decided to celebrate the day of public servants (28) with a lecture with the theme “Be strong, work hard, serve and don’t get upset”. The event is part of a cycle of lectures and concerts organized for city officials and takes place this Tuesday (27), given by the coach and “biological reprogrammer” Juliano Gazola.

Former councilor of Cascavel and candidate for mayor in the last elections, Paulo Porto called the position of the Executive of Cascavel “unbelievable”. “In addition to calling a coach with public money, it brings a lecture with a title that is at least disrespectful to the servers. What is this stupidity?”, he asked.

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The program for the week of public servants in Cascavel foresees three nights of events, at the Municipal Theater, and the closing with the delivery of the “Outstanding Server Trophy 2021”. 150 places were allocated to employees of the Municipal Department of Education and another 150 to the other portfolios.

In a session at the City Council this Tuesday (26), councilor Professor Liliam (PT) criticized the title of the event promoted by the city, calling it “disrespectful”.

“When I hear this, as a person, as a worker, as a public servant, I have the understanding that we are not strong, we don’t work hard and we suck,” she said. The councilor also pointed out that, at an event to celebrate the servers, “nothing is said about respect, about law, about working conditions.”

“[A prefeitura] it needs to face the urgent need to expand its staff and call for public tenders, with decent working conditions, it needs to face the need to meet the base date, it needs to not disrespect the servers. Above all, I would never need to say a sentence like that,” said the councilor.

To the regional portal CGN, the city hall informed that “the speaker’s idea was to make a different, relaxed title, in order to attract the attention of the servers.”

After the negative repercussion, the title of the lecture was changed to “Be Strong, Work Hard, Exercise the Art of Serving and Feel the Transformation”.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini


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