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The State Duma suggested imprisoning for 15 days or fining up to 50 thousand rubles for denying “the decisive role” of the USSR “in the defeat of Nazi Germany.” The bill was introduced by United Russia party Aleksandr Zhukov and Elena Yampolskaya – the same deputies who initiated the law prohibiting the denial of the same “decisive role.” Other news are:

  • A lockdown has begun in Moscow and St. Petersburg and will last until November 7.
  • Evgeny Prigozhin filed a libel complaint against Lyubov Sobol because of a video on YouTube.
  • Activist Gleb Maryasov received 10 months in prison and 2.7 million rubles in a fine in the case of blocking roads for actions in support of Navalny.
  • The founder of the human rights project Gulagu.net, Vladimir Osechkin, has addressed an open letter to Vladimir Putin.
  • Children of victims of Stalinist terror have filed a class action lawsuit with the Supreme Court.
  • Alexander Lukashenko said that there will be no Western vaccines against coronavirus in Belarus so that people do not go to the West.

All home

Over the past day in Russia discovered 36,582 new cases coronavirus infection… And again, a new maximum in mortality – 1123 people over the past day. Right now, 1.3 million Russians are sick with coronavirus. Meanwhile, hospitals will soon cease to have enough beds: now, on average, 12% of beds are vacant, but in some regions even 5%. A lockdown will begin in Moscow and St. Petersburg today, it will last until November 7 (for now). Following them, quarantine measures are introduced by other cities. For example, residents of Sevastopol will now be able to leave the city only if they have a vaccination certificate.

In Tomsk, a local resident spent several days in the “red zone” Medical unit # 2, disguised as a doctor to look after his grandmother. The medical staff themselves did not look at his paralyzed grandmother there: they didn’t change the linen, didn’t give the duck, and didn’t even feed it.

In neighboring countries, too, everything is hard. Ukraine is breaking records for hospitalizations, 6 thousand people have gone to hospitals there in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 22,574 new cases of the disease were recorded. Here the governor of the Nikolaev region Vitaly Kim and the vice-mayor of Kherson Roman Golovnya talk about how Ukraine is coping with all this.

Harassment and Political Investigations

Over the past five years, the number political prisoners in Russia grew fivefold and reached 420 people (this is only according to the data of “Memorial”). In 2016, there were not even hundreds of them. Of these, 360 are persecuted for religious reasons – mostly Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The rest of the repression looks like this:

  • Gleb Maryasov, a libertarian from Krasnoyarsk, was sentenced to 10 months in prison in the case of blocking roads for actions in support of Navalny in Moscow on January 23. In addition, he will be charged 2.7 million rubles on the claims of the Moscow Metro and Mosgortrans. He is the only defendant in this case.
  • “Putin’s Chef” Yevgeny Prigozhin filed a statement with the police about libel against Lyubov Sobol because of a video on YouTube, which allegedly presents “false information that undermines the honor and dignity” of Prigozhin. It is not specified what kind of videos we are talking about.
  • Founder of a human rights project Gulagu.net Vladimir Osechkin addressed with an open letter to Vladimir Putin. He demanded to investigate the torture of prisoners and increase the punishment for them, as well as to release the convicts who were forced to self-incrimination and who were tortured.
  • Convicted in the “Network” case Victor Filinkov regularly ends up in a punishment cell – already eight times. There he is denied access to personal belongings, books, newspapers and letters – in fact, he can only walk around the cell. Here is an analysis of how they are trying to break him in the colony.

The rest is Russian

  • Children of victims of Stalinist terror filed a class action lawsuit to the Supreme Court. They demand a law from 1991 and a decision of the Constitutional Court of Russia from 2019, which guarantee them the right to return home – that is, to receive apartments in the cities from which they were evicted about 70 years ago. All this time they are actually in exile, although it was canceled long ago.
  • Court in St. Petersburg ordered to remove graffiti with picture Daniel Harms from the house where he lived for 15 years before his arrest in 1941. Residents of the house opposed, and the petition in support of the portrait was signed by more than 28 thousand Petersburgers. Even Georgy Poltavchenko, who was then governor, spoke out for its preservation, but this did not help either.
  • Konstantin Khabensky became artistic director Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov… He will replace in office Sergey Zhenovach, who is leaving the post of his own free will. At the same time, it became known that the General Director Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky became a famous businessman and theatrical figure Vladimir Kekhman. He was appointed to the theater as an “effective manager”.

Old Man is broadcasting

Alexander Lukashenko stated that there will be no Western vaccines against coronavirus in Belarus, so that people would not go “there to their own people, to the West, to receive instructions.” Instead, he pledged to release his vaccine in two years, which will be “adapted to the 2023 strain.” What’s more: the telegram channel “Maya Kraina Belarus” and the chat “I’m going out / MKB” were declared extremist, and the volunteer of “Viasna” Maria Tarasenko left the country after the prosecutor’s office requested 2.5 years in prison for her. And France accused the relatives of Alyaksandr Lukashenka of purposefully organizing the trips of migrants to the borders of Belarus with the EU countries in order to provoke a migration crisis.

Against the backdrop of all this in Belarus A nationwide strike is to begin on November 1. But not all oppositionists support her, and here’s why.

Around the world

Australian team midfielder Adelaide United Joshua Cavallo perfect cumming-out and has publicly stated that he is gay. This is the first such event in the history of top division football teams. The coach of the team, other players and representatives of other teams supported the player.

Angela Merkel officially ceased to be the head the German government. She has held her post since 2005. Now, until the formation of a new government, she will remain acting. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Merkel’s chancellorship one of the most significant in the country’s history.

The European Court ordered Poland pay a fine of 1 million euros per day in a rule of law case. We are talking about the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court, created in the framework of the judicial reform in 2018, which can take measures against judges, up to and including their removal from office. The European Union did not like the innovation, because such an institution can be used to put pressure on judges.

V Afghanistan some families are forced to sell their daughters due to hunger. The buyers promise to marry them later when the girls grow up. This has happened before, but since the Taliban came to power, such cases have become more frequent.

Six links

  • Great Komsomol construction… Exactly 37 years ago, the construction of the BAM was completed. How the road was built and why during the restructuring it turned out to be of no use to anyone.
  • Children of the enemies of the people… The Memorial Fund, established by the Museum of the History of the Gulag, has begun to create a single digital bank of documents about the victims of Soviet mass repressions – what can come of it.
  • Male muses: students, lovers and acquaintances who inspired great artists and artists.
  • In memory of Russian LJ… In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Russian “Live Journal” a large special project about how the Russian Internet began with it.
  • Expelling gay… Like exorcists, charlatans, and fake medical practitioners, they profit from “curing” homosexuality.
  • Great October… “Arzamas” answers 12 questions about the October Revolution.

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