Russian who was waiting for a new passport from the embassy issued in the United States by South Korea

The South Korean authorities extradited a Russian citizen to the United States suspected of involvement in a hacker group. He is accused of developing and distributing the ransomware TrickBot, which is believed to have stolen tens of millions of dollars.

About extradition of a Russian informs South Korean agency Ryonghap. The suspect’s name was not disclosed. It is known that he arrived in South Korea back in February 2020. He is stuck in Seoul due to a novel coronavirus pandemic, – writes edition of The Record. Later, when he had the opportunity to leave the country, he waited for the Russian embassy to issue a new passport instead of the one that had expired during quarantine.

According to the materials of the case, the Russian issued in 2016 responded to an advertisement for a vacancy for a developer of an application for extorting money. He was responsible for the browser-interface component of the application. The Russian authorities have not yet commented on the deportation.

Earlier in June, a Miami court arrested Alla Vitte, a 55-citizen of Latvia of Russian origin, on suspicion of involvement in the development of the browser. According to the materials of her case, the developers knew when they were hired that they would be engaged in illegal work. She faces up to 85 years in prison under the articles presented.

  • In 2021, several hacker groups with ties to Russia have launched a series of major cyberattacks against various companies. After that, the US authorities announced their readiness to take a number of tough measures against this type of crime.
  • In the first six months of 2021, payments to ransomware hackers of $ 590 million were identified in the United States. This is 42 percent more than all such payments for 2020, the US Treasury Department reported in October.
  • Head of Britain’s National Cybersecurity Center Lindy Cameron in October toldthat the source of most ransomware attacks in the world are Russia and neighboring countries of the former USSR.


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