South Korea extradited a Russian citizen suspected of involvement in the TrickBot hacker group to the United States

South Korea extradited a Russian citizen suspected of involvement in a hacker group to the United States, informs South Korean agency “Renhap”.

The suspect’s name was not specified. He is accused of developing and distributing the ransomware TrickBot, which is believed to have stolen tens of millions of dollars.

By data publication The Record, a Russian citizen was detained last week while trying to fly home. He flew to South Korea in February 2020 and was stuck there due to the coronavirus pandemic. When the restrictions on air travel were lifted, it turned out that the passport of the Russian had expired. He applied for a new passport and lived all this time in an apartment in Seoul.

According to the materials of the case, the Russian issued in 2016 responded to an advertisement for a vacancy for a developer of an application for extorting money. He was responsible for the browser-interface component of the application. The Russian authorities have not yet commented on the deportation.

In the United States, Trickbot has targeted banks, law firms, utilities, universities and local governments. The United States indicated that the Trickbot virus “infected millions of computers around the world, and through it [мошенники] received bank details and sent ransom demands. “

In February 2021, Alla Witte, a 55-year-old native of Rostov-on-Don, was detained in Suriname on suspicion of participation in this group. In a press release from the US Department of Justice, it was reported that she could face up to 85 years in prison. Together with her, six accomplices are involved in the case. It is known that five of them are Russians, one is from Ukraine.

Their names are classified. Arkady Bukh, an American cybercrime lawyer, previously said that they could “surface” in jury trials. “Some of the accused may appear at the trial together with Alla. And some will never be caught and will remain in Russia, because Russia does not extradite its citizens,” he pointed out.


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