EU Regulator Considers Application For Indian Vaccine Novavax

The European Medicines Agency has begun an expedited review of an application by the Indian company Novavax for the registration of a vaccine against coronavirus. V message the regulator says that approval can be obtained within a few weeks. This will happen if the test data show the efficacy and safety of the drug.

If the agency approves the vaccine, then the European Commission will issue an expedited approval for the use of the drug in the EU.

According to the manufacturer, the Novavax vaccine is 90 percent effective, including against different strains of COVID-19.

In many countries of the European Union, there is an increase in the incidence of coronavirus. Some countries, for example the Czech Republic and Austria, against this background, introduced a number of restrictions for unvaccinated citizens.

In Europe, four drugs are used to vaccinate the population: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer / BioNTech. Full vaccination in the EU, according to the latest data, got 65 percent of residents, including adolescents from the age of 12. Doctors and the scientific community do not exclude that Novavax can be used as a booster for subsequent revaccination of the population.

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