Congress proposes not to recognize Putin’s legitimacy after 2024

Two congressmen – Tennessee Democrat Stephen Cohen and South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson – submitted to the US House of Representatives draft resolution on the United States not recognizing as legitimate “any attempts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to remain in office after the end of his last term on May 7, 2024.”

Congressmen believe that the amendments to the Russian Constitution, one of which provides for the so-called zeroing of Putin’s terms and gives him the opportunity to run for president in 2024 and 2030, were adopted in violation of Russia’s international obligations, as well as due to large-scale falsifications during the so-called popular vote In the past year.

At the same time, the congressmen refer to the Golos movement (recognized as a “foreign agent” in the Russian Federation) and its information that an estimated 27 million ballots were thrown in support of the amendments. Obviously, we are talking about calculations mathematician Sergei Shpilkin, who studies Russian electoral anomalies. The text also states that the United States, in principle, opposes the extension of presidential powers in other countries through referendums, and also contains references to the speeches of American officials who condemned violations during the popular vote in Russia.

The text contains a factual error – it claims that Vladimir Putin is now in his second presidential term, which began in 2012. In fact, Putin is in his fourth term in office. He became acting president back in 1999 and since then has held the highest post, with a break for 4 years of Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency (2008-2012).

If the resolution is adopted, it will be advisory in nature.

Earlier, a resolution recommending not to recognize the legitimacy of the amendments and, as a consequence, a possible new term for Putin was adopted by the European Parliament.

In the Russian Federation Council statedthat if Congress passes the resolution, it “will lead to a break in relations between Russia and the United States.” The document itself was called “election interference”.

Putin has yet to say whether he intends to run for president in 2024. He explained the necessity of adopting the amendment on “zeroing” by the need for stable development of the country. It follows from his words that if officials knew that he would definitely leave the presidency in May 2024, a struggle for power would begin in Russia, which would hinder development.


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