After winning a salary replacement, journalists suspend work stoppage

There were 3 assemblies between the morning of Wednesday (24) and the morning of Thursday (25) bringing together more than 300 journalists from newspapers and magazines in the capital. After 6 months of negotiations, the category won the salary replacement based on inflation for the period of 8.9% (from June 2020 to May 2021), according to INPC for salaries of up to R$ 10 thousand and fixed adjustment of R$ 890 for higher remuneration.

The Convention will still adjust the PLR ​​fine with the same percentage. Payments will be made in installments, 5% on the base date (June) and the remainder in December.

The result was seen as a victory for the category, which during the assembly, recalled that negotiations began with the proposal for no adjustment. “This 25th should be remembered by journalists and journalists not only for having reached the minimum, the fair readjustment that is the reinstatement of inflation, but it is a living reminder that a journalist is a worker and that journalists have to fight for their rights ” recalled Thiago Tanji, president of Professional Journalists of the State of São Paulo (SJSP).

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Stoppage canceled

Faced with the victory, the category canceled the four-hour stoppage that was scheduled for this Thursday (25). Professionals, however, are still mobilized “next year is here” recalled a journalist at the assembly, also demanding the payment of the minimum wage for everyone. The category also recalled several times about the announcement of the end of Jornal Agora, which will have its last edition published this Sunday (28).

At the assembly, more than 300 journalists approved a letter to be sent to the Employer Union (Sindjor), a motion to support EBC workers, who start strike at 00:00 this Friday (26), and a letter in solidarity with the workers of the Agora newspaper.

Read the letter in full:

The journalists gathered in this Assembly approve the letter below, to be addressed to Sindjor

After a historic mobilization of the category, we concluded the negotiation for the salary adjustment for 2021/2022. The end result is not necessarily fair, but what can be achieved after months of exhausting negotiations.

The conditions now agreed upon demonstrate the need to establish new parameters of respect and dialogue at the next debate tables.

The negotiation now concluded began with a 0% offer from the employers’ union, and is being closed with 8.9% for professionals who receive up to R$10 thousand as of December, and a fixed R$890 for the others.

The disrespectful and delaying nature of the first proposal is clear in light of the final result.

Negotiations presuppose adjustments and disputes. They are natural in the process. But both parties must be willing to come to an agreement that represents the proportionate effort of both parties.

The behavior of the employers’ union in the current negotiation led to a historic mobilization, making a class consciousness grow in the category until then lost. A two-hour stoppage was carried out with great mobilization and a four-hour stoppage was approved.

However, it also generated intense personal wear for professionals. Followed meetings, permanent assembly and discussions. Part of them unnecessary, given that the current proposal was circulating at the tops of newspapers for three weeks.

In the midst of negotiations, the Agora newspaper was closed and its professionals still have an uncertain future. Although there is no clarity about the link between the decision and its announcement date with the negotiation, this was yet another reason for dissatisfaction among professionals.

The journalists present at the assembly demand that the next salary campaign, in a scenario with even greater inflation, start in real and respectful terms for a negotiation. The mobilization of journalists in the current campaign remains for the following ones, so that they have the purchasing power of their salaries respected.

In the face of the pandemic and the growing attacks on journalists, challenges that reporters faced head-on, the increasingly necessary defense of democracy involves valuing professionals.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla


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