Holidays November 26, 2021: interesting facts, name days, what not to do

Holidays November 26, 2021: interesting facts, name days, what not to do


Holidays November 26

Holodomor in Ukraine, Black Friday and the day of the turning of the world are the most interesting events on November 26 on

In the Gregorian calendar, November 26 is the 330th day of the year. 35 days remain until the end of the year.

What are the holidays on November 26 in Ukraine and the world

  • Day of Remembrance of Holodomor Victims in Ukraine
  • Day to turn the world
  • Black Friday
  • Anti obesity day
  • International Shoemaker Day
  • World shopping day
  • A day of sorrow for good
  • International Systems Engineer Day


Black Friday

What events took place on November 26

  • 1894 – the wedding of Nicholas II with the Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt.
  • 1924 – The Mongolian People’s Republic is proclaimed.
  • 1963 – Birthday of the TV show Good night, kids!

Who was born on November 26

  • 1939 – American singer, songwriter, actress Tina Turner.
  • 1965 – Doctor of Philology, Professor, Minister of Education of Ukraine Serhiy Kvit.
  • 1975 – Russian theater and film actor, director, TV presenter Maxim Averin.
  • 1975 – Ukrainian gymnast, Olympic bronze medalist Oleg Kosyak.
  • 1976 – the popular American actress Maya Campbell.

Folk and church holidays

On this day, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Jonah Chrysostom. He became famous for his oratory, was a lawyer and a deep thinker. His mind is still amazed.

Chrysostom is best known for his words, uttered after torture and humiliation: Thank God for everything!

Traditions and rituals

On this day, they made dumplings and tried to eat them as much as possible so that the coming year would be successful.


Dumplings day


  • Clouds of different colors – to close bad weather.
  • Red evening dawn – to the wind, light yellow – to rain.
  • The golden color of the sun at sunrise and sunset and the light pink colors of the star – to bad weather and wind.

What not to do

You can’t swear and lend to neighbors.

Who has a name day today

Name days on November 26 are celebrated: German and Ivan.


Name days November 26

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