In the Czech Republic, a state of emergency is being introduced due to COVID-19. President Zeman got sick

The Czech government has declared a state of emergency in the country in connection with a sharp deterioration in the situation with the coronavirus.

It will take effect on the night of Friday, November 26, and will last 30 days. This measure will further allow the authorities to impose restrictions, for example, on the movement of people or assemblies, which, according to the law, cannot be imposed without a state of emergency.

Also, the Czech Cabinet of Ministers at an emergency meeting approved a package of restrictions, which will take effect from Friday evening. In particular, the authorities ordered that restaurants, bars, as well as clubs, discos and other entertainment establishments only work until 10 pm. A ban is introduced on the work of Christmas markets, on the consumption of alcohol on the streets. The number of visitors to cultural and sports events will be limited to a thousand.

In addition, on Thursday it became known that the President of the country Milos Zeman fell ill with COVID-19, who earlier that day was only discharged from the hospital after a month and a half of treatment due to a chronic illness. As a result, the 77-year-old politician returns to hospital again.

On Tuesday this week, over 25 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection per day were registered in the Czech Republic, which was the maximum for the entire time of the pandemic. There are now about 6 thousand patients with COVID-19 in hospitals in the country, of which 850 are in intensive care units.

According to the Ministry of Health, 70 percent of seriously ill patients are people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Earlier in the Czech Republic, people without a certificate of vaccination or without a certificate of coronavirus infection were prohibited from visiting catering establishments, cinema, hairdressing salons, gyms and other service establishments.

In the Czech Republic, 58.5% of the population is currently fully vaccinated, which is lower than the EU average of 65.8%.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech said that the daily number of infections and hospitalizations is likely to increase further. But the government hopes that the measures already announced will obviate the need for new restrictions.

Reuters notes that the Czech Republic is now in third place in the world in terms of coronavirus infections after Slovakia and Austria, whose authorities have introduced nationwide lockdowns.


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