In the Tajik Khorog protests after the killing of a local resident by security forces. In Moscow, Tajiks went to the embassy

In Tajikistan, on November 25, dozens of people rallied after the murder of 29-year-old Gulbiddin Ziyobekov during a special operation by security forces. They brought the body of the deceased to the administration building of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) and demanded that the authorities bring the perpetrators to justice. writes Tajik service of Radio Liberty. Also hundreds of people gathered to a protest at the Dushanbe embassy in Moscow.

One of the protesters outside the Tajik embassy, ​​who chose to remain anonymous, said that after the rally in Khorog, the authorities cut off the Internet and mobile communications in GBAO.

“We demand that the authorities in Dushanbe restore ties with the region, as well as find and punish those responsible for Ziyobekov’s death,” he said.

Action near the Embassy of Tajikistan in Moscow

Action near the Embassy of Tajikistan in Moscow

The incident took place on the morning of November 25th. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that in the village of Shokhdara, an operation was carried out by law enforcement agencies to capture Ziyobekov, who was wanted on charges of taking hostages and inciting ethnic hatred. “During the operation, he put up armed resistance and began firing from a Makarov pistol, which he possessed illegally. The offender was wounded by return fire,” the message says.

Some eyewitnesses of the events claim that Gulbiddin Ziyobekov was shot in the head and died on the way from Shokhdara to Khorog.

A local official, on condition of anonymity, said that Ziyobekov should have been detained in connection with the beating of an employee of the prosecutor’s office in 2020. The prosecutor’s office claims that “Ziyobekov and several other young people took hostage the assistant prosecutor of the Roshtkala region A. Amirzoda on February 1, 2020, and tortured and beat him for eight hours.” Ziyobekov, according to local authorities, did not come to testify in this case.

According to one of the residents of the Roshtkala region, Ziyobekov and other young guys beat the prosecutor’s office officer for offering an intimate relationship to a local girl.

Sources of the publication suggest that the investigation into the beating and torture of a prosecutor was resumed after the appointment of a new head of GBAO. Judging by the video footage referred to by the editors, who gathered at the regional administration in Khorog on November 25, the head of the region, Alisher Mirzonabot, is considered responsible for the death of Ziyobekov.

The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in GBAO reported that the military prosecutor’s office began an investigation into the incident, and at present the officers of the security forces who took part in the operation are being interrogated.


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