Porto Alegre councilors approve city government project that reduces bus fare exemptions

On Wednesday (24), protesting by students and other segments of the population, the Porto Alegre City Council approved the Bill that reduces the exemptions granted to users of public transport in the city. There were 24 votes in favor and eight votes against the measure (PT and PSOL benches), which affects groups such as students, teachers, inspection agents, municipal guards, people aged 60 to 64, among others.

The city government estimates a reduction of 21 cents on the ticket, which currently costs R$ 4.80, one of the most expensive in Brazil. In its justification for the project, the government highlighted that “quality public transport and with a rate compatible with the users’ ability to pay is the guarantee of democratization of access to employment, income and social integration opportunities.”

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Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB) states that the fee is composed of two main aspects. The first is that the more expensive operation of certain lines, such as those that serve the extremes of the city, are offset by lower cost operations; the second aspect is that the tariff value is calculated by weighing the total costs of the service, considering the total number of paying users.

Therefore, exemptions, whether partial or full, are indirectly funded by the tariff settled by paying users.

Main changes


100% exemption from the fare is guaranteed for seniors who are 65 years of age or older. Before, the municipality granted the benefit to anyone aged 60 or over.


The school ticket will be for low-sufficient students, duly registered in the CadÚnico, regularly enrolled and effective in elementary, secondary, technical, vocational, undergraduate or preparatory education networks, in public and private educational institutions, duly recognized by the respective official body.

For a maximum per capita family income of up to R$1,650.00 – 100% exemption for elementary school students; 75% for high school students and 50% for vocational, higher or preparatory education.

For maximum per capita family income between R$1,650.00 and R$1,925.01 – 50% exemption for elementary, secondary, technical, vocational, undergraduate or preparatory education students.

For maximum per capita family income between R$1,925.01 to R$2,200.00 – 25% exemption for students in elementary, secondary, technical, vocational, undergraduate or preparatory education.

The user is granted a period of two years, renewable for another year at the discretion of the Municipal Executive registered in the CadÚnico.

People with physical and mental disabilities

The tariff exemption benefit will be granted to those who maintain regular and updated registration with their representative entity, with registration in the CadÚnico and whose family income does not exceed R$ 6,600.

People living with HIV/AIDS

The exemption will be given to the person with the disease who is assisted by the existing health services in Porto Alegre, with the necessary proofs required by law and a family income not exceeding R$ 6,600.


They are exempt from the bus ticket, together with soldiers from the Military Brigade, soldiers from the Military Fire Department of Rio Grande do Sul, as this is an essential security service for the population.

* With information from the City Council of Porto Alegre

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira


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