Stoppage of journalists in SP: learn more about mobilization of the category this Thursday (25)

More than 270 journalists from newspapers and magazines in São Paulo (SP) met in an assembly this Wednesday (24) to assess the counterproposal of the Employers Union (Sindjore) to the claims of the category.

Workers had initially scheduled a 4 hour strike for Tuesday (23rd), but after sending the counterproposal, the mobilization was rescheduled for this Thursday (25th), opening a new negotiation window.

“It was a goodwill gesture from the category. It is important for companies to understand that workers do not want to be paralyzed either, what we want is a fair wage replacement”, the director of the São Paulo State Professional Journalists Union (SJSP) and vice president of the National Federation of Journalists recalled at the meeting (Fenaj), Paulo Zocchi.

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Journalists demanded a staggered replacement of their salaries based on inflation for the period of 8.9% (from June 2020 to May 2021), according to INPC, with 5% being retroactive to the base date and the rest on the November sheet to salaries of up to R$ 11 thousand, in addition to the PLR ​​fine adjusted by 8.9%.

The employer counter-adjustment – an 8.9% readjustment for salaries of up to R$ 9,000, with 5% being retroactive to the base date in June and the difference in January – was unanimously rejected by the category. Which presented a new counter-proposal of 8.9% for salaries up to R$ 11 thousand; BRL 979 + 6% for salaries from BRL 11 thousand to BRL 15,150; and R$1,228 for salaries above R$15,150. With 5% of the adjustment paid retroactively to June, and the remainder in December.

In São Paulo, the historic strikes of journalists took place in 1961, conquering the first salary floor, and in 1979, under the military regime / Archive – SJSP

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“Every day, inflation, caused by this economic disaster that we are experiencing, becomes more pronounced. Of course, we aim to close this negotiation. Now everything depends on the position of the companies”, defended Thiago Tanji, president of the SJSP.

Tanji celebrated the high turnout at the assemblies during the campaign that brought together hundreds of journalists. In addition to sending the new counterproposal, the maintenance of the stoppage for this Thursday (25th) was approved “the category is willing to continue mobilized and carry out the stoppage tomorrow. The movement that we managed to make is historic because it is practical. The collective organization that we managed to do is fundamental to show the strength of our category and so that no one has any doubts that a journalist is a worker”.

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A new assembly is convened for midday this Thursday (25), to assess the employer’s response and maintenance of the strike.

Newspaper Closing Now

The category, which met in two assemblies on the same day, at 10:30 am and 9:30 pm, received with repudiation the news of the closing of the Agora newspaper, belonging to the Folha de S. Paulo group. While the employer negotiation table took place, around 30 journalists were notified that the latest edition of the newspaper would be circulated this Sunday (28), and that the site would also be discontinued. According to the company’s management, there will be no layoffs and the professionals will be acquitted by the newspaper. The union met with journalists and is following the process and is also studying what can be done in the case of temporary workers and freelancers “it is very important that we monitor this transition closely to ensure not only jobs, but good -being of the workers”, recalled Larissa Gould, legal secretary of the SJSP. The Union also requested a meeting with the company’s HR.

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During the second Assembly of the day, several journalists offered solidarity to the workers of Agora and approved a Letter signed by the more than 270 present in support of the workers of the vehicle.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo


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