The State Duma deprived Valery Rashkin of parliamentary immunity over the case of the murder of an elk

The State Duma voted in support of the deprivation of parliamentary immunity from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Valery Rashkin. This allows him to be held criminally and administratively liable for illegal elk hunting (paragraph “a” of Part 1 of Article 248 of the Criminal Code). Meeting broadcast is underway on the parliament website.

343 deputies voted for this, 55 were against, two abstained. In addition, the deputies also allowed the communist to be appointed a preventive measure in the form of a ban on certain actions.

At a meeting of the State Duma, where the issue of depriving Rashkin of immunity due to the case of the murder of an elk was considered, Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said that “thanks to the media, this shame has become common knowledge.”

“Rashkin has twice already admitted his involvement in the alleged influence. But even then he tried to evade responsibility,” the prosecutor general said.

Speaking at the meeting, Rashkin noted that the media attention to the moose story turned out to be excessive.

“No one cloven-hoofed animal has been dedicated so many words. I saw such a fuss only about the Kennedy assassination. I did not notice such attention of the FSB to poachers, from whom hundreds of kilograms of paws and lips of animals are confiscated,” he said.

He added that he “voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the investigation.” In his opinion, “the scale of the scandal is not proportional to the severity of the act.”

“This is not about poaching, and therefore there is a reason to talk about the political background of this case. My offense was convenient in order to take out old grievances on me,” Rashkin said.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia asked the State Duma to deprive the immunity of the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Valery Rashkin, who was detained by the police with the participation of hunting supervision officers on October 29 in the Saratov region. Law enforcement officials claim that the deputy drove a car while intoxicated, and a moose carcass was found in the trunk of his car.

The police opened a criminal case for illegal hunting with causing major damage. The punishment under this article is up to two years in prison.

Rashkin himself confessed to killing a moose in the Saratov region. He said that he had been asked to hunt by “old friends.” According to the deputy, early in the morning of October 28, he left for Saratov in the village of Lysye Gory. He was met by Vladimir Matrosov and Alexander Gnoshev. The deputy added that Matrosov had assured him that he had a hunting permit.

The parliamentarian went hunting alone. He found a clearing, saw an animal and peered through the scope. The deputy saw “the silhouette of a cloven-hoofed animal that looks like a large wild boar,” however, because of the weather, Rashkin could not determine exactly who he was shooting at, because of the weather, he claims.

The deputy shot the animal twice. Approaching him, Rashkin discovered that he had killed an elk. After that, the parliamentarian went to ask his friends to help butcher the carcass, then he was stopped by the security forces. Rashkin claims that he let them inspect the car “without hesitation” because he believed that he had not done anything illegal. However, the security officials, having learned that there was elk meat in the trunk, said that it was impossible to hunt an animal in this place.

“I was misled by the information about the availability of legal and formalized documents for hunting. As a result, people unknown to me took advantage of this, who, apparently, participated in a provocation against me,” Rashkin said.

He called the incident a “planned provocation” and added that he refused to undergo a medical examination for the presence of intoxication at the scene, as he feared falsifications.


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