The authorities of the Mangistau region this year will not hold events in memory of the victims of the shooting in Zhanaozen

Akim of Mangistau region Nurlan Nogayev said that this year in Zhanaozen they do not plan to hold official events in memory of those killed during the tragic events of 2011 in Zhanaozen. About it writes Kazakh service of Radio Liberty.

On December 16, 2011, in Zhanaozen, a months-long strike of oil workers demanding higher wages and better working conditions was suppressed by the police, they opened fire on unarmed residents. Participants of the oil workers’ strike and bystanders suffered. The authorities of the city and the Mangistau region said that the police fired “in defense,” until videos of people fleeing from armed uniformed officers appeared on the Web, and they were shooting after them to kill. Officially, during the events in Zhanaozen and at the Shetpe station, 17 people died, but witnesses say there were more victims.

Nurlan Nogayev, answering a question from journalists, said that the authorities’ plans “do not have such an event”, and in relation to the region, “it is correct to speak not only about Zhanaozen, but also about” good news. “

“There is enough good news in Zhanaozen itself. We respect the memory of the people who died in Zhanaozen. We provide assistance to 72 injured people. I consider it correct to speak not only about Zhanaozen, but also about other events in the region in turn. There are no official events (to honor the memory of the victims). Everyone in their family can hold sadaqa (commemoration) according to the tradition of the people, “said the head of the region.

According to him, today the region is not looking for “answers to questions that occurred 10 years ago”, since according to them, as he said, “the necessary assessment was given.” Nurlan Nogayev believes that all the necessary measures have been taken by the state, the courts have made decisions that “cannot be questioned.”

The journalists of the Kazakh service of Radio Liberty have specified whether the celebration of the Independence Day will be held in Zhanaozen on December 16. Nogayev replied in the affirmative, adding that “there are plans to hold a festive event in compliance with sanitary standards.”

After the events in Zhanaozen, 37 people were brought to trial on charges of “organizing mass riots”, of whom three oil workers were acquitted, 21 people received suspended sentences, 13 people received real sentences ranging from three to seven years. Five police officers and the head of the detention center where people were tortured were also convicted of abuse of power.

Last year, in Almaty, dozens of people gathered at the Independence Monument on Republic Square to honor the memory of the victims of the shooting in Zhanaozen. They called on the authorities to declare December 16 an official day of mourning.


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