An undisclosed climber found a metal box on a glacier on Mont Blanc in 2013. On the bags with the jewels it was possible to discern the inscription “Made in India”, so the French authorities assumed that they belonged to someone from the passengers of the Indian liner that crashed at Mont Blanc more than half a century ago.

The lucky climber honestly, as it should be according to French law, took the find to the police and was still waiting to see if there were any relatives of the owner of the jewelry.

But they were not found, and now, after eight years, the authorities of the Chamonix commune, where Mont Blanc is located, according to the law, divided the jewels in half with the climber. Each half costs about 150 thousand euros.

Chamonix Mayor Eric Fournier, having told Agence France-Presse about this, once again praised the climber for his law-abidingness.

Two Indian liners crashed on Mont Blanc in the last century. The crash in 1950 killed 48 people, in the crash in 1966 – 117 people.

French authorities believe that the jewelry was carried with a passenger on a second liner, which flew from Bombay (now Mumbai) to New York.

After those two crashes, climbers for many years from time to time found remains of luggage and human remains on Mont Blanc.

In 2012, a bag containing a diplomatic bag from India was found on the slopes of the mountain. It contained 1966 newspapers, calendars, and a private letter.

In the 1966 plane crash, the father of the Indian nuclear program, Homi Jehangir Baba, was among others.

Recall that in Paris, an armed criminal raided a Chaumet jewelry store, taking out of it jewelry, according to preliminary data, in the amount of two to three million euros.