How to celebrate New Year 2022 to attract good luck

How to celebrate New Year 2022 to attract good luck


How to celebrate the New Year 2022

How to appease the Black Water Tiger on New Year’s Eve: recommendations of astrologers and stylists for all signs of the zodiac.

Every little thing matters on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it is very important to meet the coming year in the right clothes.

As you know, the coming 2022 will be held under the auspices of two elements: wood and water. The first is stability and implementation of plans, and the second is energy and strength that saturates the tree and helps it in every way.

The tiger does not like pomp and prefers naturalness in everything. Therefore, you should not choose something out of the ordinary, but it is better to give preference to naturalness and naturalness. But do not forget about the mystery. So, you can choose asymmetrical dresses or layered skirts.

An excellent option would be dresses made of silk, satin, velvet, lace and cashmere. But fur and leather, even eco, the Tiger, on the contrary, will anger.

Since New Year 2022 is the year of the Water Black Tiger, it is good to meet him in a dress of deep blue, dark green and gray colors. These shades will help attract money in the new year.

But sand, gold and white will have a positive effect on all areas of life and attract good luck.

If you are chasing love, then for New Year’s Eve choose clothes in turquoise and silver colors.

Jewelry made from pearls or, for example, marine-themed jewelry will also be appropriate.


How to celebrate the New Year 2022

The happiest colors of 2022 are blue, green, red and yellow

Blue color will be successful for negotiations, interviews and communication.

Green – to adapt to a new place of residence, a new job or a new undertaking.

Red – for romantic meetings or in anticipation of the birth of a child.

Yellow – for the purchase of real estate or for all matters related to heritage.

White and gold the color is suitable for balancing the energy flows of 2022.

What is prohibited

In no case should you celebrate the New Year 2022 in brown and purple outfits, as well as in acid-colored clothes.

Outfits with leopard and snake prints are also taboo.


How to celebrate the New Year 2022

How to celebrate 2022 for the signs of the zodiac

Aries choose between orange and red outfits. So the Tiger will contribute to their development and help to realize all plans.

Taurus astrologers advise to choose green or brown things.

Gemini yellow elements work well.

Cancer will be promoted in 2022 by light shades: milky or beige.

To the lions go for a silver dress or suit to help shine through the Tiger year.

Devam the ideal option would be delicate shades: light blue and light green.

Vesam astrologers advise to choose an image in light pink tones.

Scorpions absolutely any color combination will do.

Capricorn it is worth finding a bright thing for an outfit.

Aquarius the golden color is suitable, which will bring success in the year of the Tiger.

Pisces it is worth choosing an image in light blue shades.

Recall that earlier we wrote how to properly meet the coming year in order to attract good luck to life.

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