Street blocks and Rio City Hall meet to decide on Carnival

This Tuesday (4) afternoon, representatives of street blocks meet with the City of Rio de Janeiro and sponsors of the Rio Carnival to decide on the future of the revelry. The release or not of the party will depend on the epidemiological scenario and the adhesion of the Rio population to the booster dose.

The participation of representatives from the blocks of Barbas, Suvaco do Cristo, Carmelites, Cordão da Bola Preta, Favorita, Fervo da Lud, Flying Orchestra, Céu na Terra, Sympathy is Almost Love, Monobloco, in addition to other smaller associations are confirmed at the meeting.

Increase in cases

According to the city hall’s covid panel, there was a increase in the total number of cases registered during the holiday season. The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in the city jumped from 21, on December 14, to 258 in just two weeks. Monitoring points out that the number of positive tests for covid in the state capital rose from 0.7% to 9.6%.

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The Rio Health Secretary Daniel Soranz, in an interview with TV Globo, stated that this year’s carnival will not be the same as the previous ones and expressed concern about the advancement of the omicron variant. According to the Municipal Health Department, the city already has community transmission of the variant.

“Omicron spreads much faster than the other variants. There is an increase in covid cases in the city of Rio, and this variant is much more transmissible. We need to see if this increase in transmission will continue over the next few days , whether this increase in transmission will also increase hospitalizations or serious cases of covid. Something we are not seeing at the moment. We had many days with zero deaths of covid, only 30 people hospitalized during this period. So all these variables with the new variant will need to be analyzed,” said the secretary.


About 30% of the city’s adult population took a booster dose against covid, but Soranz reinforced that population must continue to join the campaign. The booster dose is intended for people aged 18 and over who have taken the second dose 4 months ago or more.

“How many people will we have vaccinated with the booster dose? We are the city in the country that vaccinated the most, which has the most booster. About 30% of our adult population has a booster dose. Will the population continue to adhere to the booster dose? The health posts are currently empty for a booster dose. So, we need to call the population,” said the secretary.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Clívia Mesquita


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