DF: more than 205 thousand people have not yet started vaccination against covid-19

The Health Department of the Federal District (SES-DF) reported, this Thursday (13), that 205,542 people aged 12 years and over have not yet started the vaccine cycle against covid-19.

The number is estimated based on the DF population that is eligible to be immunized. Altogether, there are 38,018 adolescents between 12 and 17 years old and 167,524 adults aged 18 and over. The numbers were presented during a press conference to update information about the pandemic.

Another 150,000 people who took the first dose have not yet returned to receive the second dose, even though they are already on time to receive it. According to the figures from the Health Department, however, the vaccination campaign against covid-19 managed to completely immunize 85.5% of the population aged 12 and over in the DF.

The Health Secretary of the DF, Manoel Pafiadache, again appealed for the population to be vaccinated, and warned that almost all people hospitalized today are those who have not been vaccinated or have not completed the vaccination cycle. “It is quite true that 90% of our hospitalized with covid are not vaccinated or have incomplete vaccination coverage. It is a very big concern that we have with vaccination. Vaccination coverage is a responsibility of all of us”, he said.

transmission rate

In the last 24 hours, counted between Wednesday (12) and Thursday (13), 2,630 new new cases of covid-19 and two deaths were reported. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 11,125 people have died and 538,354 have been infected by the coronavirus in the Federal District.

The transmission rate of the virus rose slightly and reached 2.12. The number indicates that every 100 infected infect another 212 people, and means an exponential growth in contagion. The data appears in the bulletin of the secretariat released this Thursday afternoon. The day before, the index was 2.11.

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To contain the new wave of infections,[https://www.brasildefatodf.com.br/2022/01/13/com-nova-onda-de-contaminacoes-df-proibe-shows-festas-e-festivais” target=”_blank”>o governo do DF proibiu a realização de shows, festas e eventos com aglomeração na capital do país.

Em coletiva de imprensa, o secretário-adjunto de Assistência à Saúde, Fernando Erick Damasceno, afirmou é esperado um aumento das hospitalizações e no número de óbitos, mas que não será proporcional ao volume de infecções registradas, na maioria casos leves. 

“Mesmo tendo grande parte dos casos sendo leves, é esperado um aumento das internações e do númeoro de óbitos, principalmente nessa fase de pico. Entretanto, ele não será proporcional, não será o que vivemos na segunda onda, ou na primeira onda”, ponderou. 


Fonte: BdF Distrito Federal

Edição: Flávia Quirino


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