In Rio de Janeiro, a victim of femicide was threatened by her ex-husband months before the crime

Another victim of femicide. Bruna Araújo de Souza, 31, was shot and beaten with a sledgehammer by her ex-husband.

The crime took place on the morning of last Thursday (13), in São Gonçalo, metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. Haroldo da Silva Amorim, 41, did not accept the end of the relationship. They had been separated for four months, and since then Bruna has been under constant threats.

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“He threatened her and her 17-year-old daughter. He was never any good. He cursed her with all her names, in front of everyone, he just treated her badly. He was already behind her with guns saying that if she didn’t stay with him , would kill her. These threats were frequent. He was always chasing her,” a cousin of the victim told the newspaper Extra.

The couple stayed together for 14 years and had a daughter. According to the family member, who preferred not to identify, Haroldo premeditated the crime by calling the victim to the house where they lived to fetch their belongings.

“When she got there, it was a trap. He had two guns that he bought after selling the car to kill her. He did everything well,” he said.

After the separation, Bruna moved to the city of Maricá, where she worked as a traffic advisor at the Traffic Department (Sectran).

In a note, the city hall expressed solidarity with the victim’s family, friends and co-workers. He also informed that he is providing support to family members.

Haroldo fled with a stolen car and threw himself from the central span of the Rio-Niterói Bridge. He didn’t resist either. Police officers from the Homicide Precinct in Niterói, São Gonçalo and Itaboraí are investigating the case.

Source: BdF Rio de Janeiro

Editing: Clívia Mesquita


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