Salary replacement for Curitiba servers is approved in the 2nd round in the Chamber

The councilors of the City Council of Curitiba (CMC) approved, this Thursday (13), in the second round, the bills that give the recomposition of inflation to the public service of the capital. The indices of 13.71% were confirmed for civil servants and political agents of the Executive, 13.71% for tutelary councilors, 19.22% for employees of the Legislative and 11.59% for the subsidy of parliamentarians.

The approved projects are now being sanctioned by Mayor Rafael Greca (DEM). If there are no vetoes, they become law, coming into force after publication in the Official Gazette of the Municipality.

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In a note, the Union of Servants of the Municipal Teaching of Curitiba (Sismmac) pointed out that the approval of the salary replacement is the result of the struggle of the municipal servers of Curitiba.

“It is important to note that this is not a favor they are doing us, but the confirmation of a constitutional right (which is very often violated) […] Salary recomposition is a great achievement for civil servants, who have been suffering inflationary losses year after year”, says an excerpt.

The general coordinator of the Union of Municipal Public Servants of Curitiba (Sismuc), Juliana Mildemberg, highlighted that the fight of the municipal servers continues, now for the real appreciation of the category.

“Our fight, now, is for the effective valorization of the municipal public servant, with the replacement of other losses, real salary increase and decent working conditions.

Source: BdF Paran√°

Editing: Rebeca Cavalcante and Lia Bianchini


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