Residents of Karavaev, Leningrad Region, threatened to take part in a rally due to the fact that migrants from Uzbekistan were settled in the village

Residents of Karavaev, Kingisepp district, Leningrad region, threatened to go to a national gathering because migrants from Uzbekistan, who work at the Gazprom gas chemical complex near Ust-Luga, were settled in the village. About it informs

Migrants live in two barracks, each of which is designed for 100 people. According to the headman, the owner of the site on which the residential premises were erected is Yang Aiping, a native of China and a citizen of Russia. In 1994, he graduated from the Omsk University, is engaged in trade and growing vegetables.

According to the publication, local residents appealed to the administration of the settlement with a complaint. They, in turn, forwarded the complaint to the district authorities. As a result, a cadastral engineer was sent to the village, who said that the construction was being carried out legally. The police, who also conducted the check, said that 47 citizens of Uzbekistan had already been registered in the barracks, everything was in order with their documents.

The villagers complain that the new neighbors have connected to a common transformer, which is why the power goes out several times a day in Karavaevo. In addition, according to them, the owner of the site did not solve the problems with sewerage, water and garbage disposal.


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