Sweden launches investigation over unknown drone flights over nuclear power plant

The Swedish security service has launched an investigation into the appearance of unknown drones over the territory of three nuclear power plants. About it informs Reuters.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been seen flying over the nuclear power plants Forsmark (near Stockholm), Oskarshamn (located 300 kilometers south of the capital) and Ringhals.

On January 14, the Swedish police sent patrol cars and helicopters to the nuclear power plant in Forsmark to search for the drone, but failed to catch the aircraft. The police said the drone was large enough to move confidently in strong winds. They tried to intercept him by helicopter, but lost sight of him.

The incidents occurred a day after the Swedish authorities sent units of the country’s armed forces to the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. In a message posted on the website of the Swedish army, saidthat this was done as a response “to the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine.” The Swedish Armed Forces clarify that “this does not necessarily mean an increased level of threat,” but the country prefers to “act in accordance with the current situation.”

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist, in an interview with Swedish Radio, explained the need to send the military as follows: “Gotland is a very important target. Whoever controls Gotland has great influence in the Baltic Sea. If some other weapon is placed on Gotland, this affects Sweden, Finland and the entire Baltic. So Gotland and other islands in the Baltic Sea play an important role.”

Swedish authorities see the drone incidents as a threat to national security and suggest that they may be connected.

In addition, the Swedish police investigates the appearance of unidentified drones over the airports of Kiruna and Luleå in the north of the country on January 13 and 14. However, so far the police have not yet connected them with drones over the nuclear power plant.

“Drone flights at or over an airport are a violation of the Civil Aviation Law, but may also be a violation of the Protection (Sabotage, Terrorist, Espionage and Aggravated Robbery) Law if filming is in progress,” TASS was quoted as saying by police in Sweden.

How writes Expressen newspaper, On January 17, the police recorded reports of drones in several places in Stockholm. The police used a helicopter to search for drones.

According to the publication, the drone was also seen over the Drottningholm castle, it is described as large and “advanced”.


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