The authorities of the Rostov region banned laughing, drinking alcohol and moving furniture in the registry offices during the wedding

The government of the Rostov region banned laughing, talking loudly, drinking alcohol and moving furniture during a marriage ceremony in the registry offices of the region. Decree on the order of the ceremony published on the regional portal of legal information.

The second section of the document describes the rules of conduct for participants, which states that during the ceremony, in particular, it is not allowed:

  • staying in the hall “in outerwear, dirty shoes, with bulky backpacks, bags, packages”;
  • loud conversations (including on the phone), exclamations, laughter”
  • eating, smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • violation of the composition of the interiors of the premises (rearrangement of furniture and flower arrangements) and the use of furniture for other purposes.

The ceremony of concluding a marriage in a solemn atmosphere assumes the presence of a scenario for its conduct and includes a solemn speech by the employee responsible for registering the marriage. The maximum duration of the ceremony should not exceed 40 minutes. The flag and coat of arms of Russia must be in the hall, the resolution says.


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