Street vendors in Rio de Janeiro start solidarity campaign after Carnival cancellation

No street carnival for the second year in a row and without the help of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall, street vendors started a campaign to collect financial support this Wednesday (19). The income from the street carnival is a fundamental part of the livelihood of around 40,000 street vendors in the city.

Heading the campaign, Movimento Unido dos Camelôs (MUCA) hopes to build a support network around the struggle of the category that will be most affected by the cancellation of the party.

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In the initial stage of the campaign, MUCA provided a form for people who can offer any kind of help to the street vendors. The expectation is to raise food for the assembly of basic baskets, clothes and, in the next phase of the campaign, cash donations.

The group supports the cancellation of the revelry in 2022 due to the new wave of covid-19. “We are fighting for the occupation of public spaces, but having agglomeration at this moment is very dangerous. We need to protect people and provide conditions for them to survive”, says Maria dos Camelôs, coordinator of the movement.

Through the campaign, they also collect from the city hall of Rio the payment of carnival assistance for informal workers.

“Camelô is a worker. The responsibility cannot be just ours, it has to be the public power too. People don’t just need basic food, they need money to pay bills, rent, buy gas. two years ago, when we thought the pandemic would return”, adds Maria.

Source: BdF Rio de Janeiro

Editing: Mariana Pitasse


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