In Russia, approved the standards for running and squats for e-sportsmen

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Federation of Computer Sports agreed on the standards of sports training for cybersportsmen. Ministry Approved order published on the website of legal information.

In the document, the standards are specified taking into account the age and gender of cybersportsmen. Sports training was divided into four stages, the first is called the “Stage of initial training” and will be enrolled in such groups from the age of 12, and the last is called the “Stage of higher sportsmanship”.

At the last stage, it is planned to devote 20-30% of the time to general physical training, 15-25%% to theoretical, 25-35% to tactical, and 15-20% to psychological.

To get into the group of higher sportsmanship, a man must run three kilometers in no more than 15 minutes and be able to squat without stopping 25 times. Women need to run two kilometers in 12 minutes and do squats 23 times.

In Russia, eSports was officially recognized as a sport in 2016.

Esports competitions are held all over the world. The winning teams receive significant prizes, with most of the prize pool being crowdfunded. With the rise of major platforms like Fortnite and League Of Legends, the esports audience is increased, which led to investment growth into this industry. Esports Market Dynamics Forecasts suggest that by 2023 it will exceed $1.5 billion.

Now it has 12 professional leagues in all regions of the planet except Africa, 120 teams and more than 1000 professional players, and these numbers are likely to grow, and in the near future eSports can compete with regular sports.


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