The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation explained the recognition of the Republic as a “foreign agent” by paying for a subscription to the publication by the embassies of Kazakhstan and France

The Ministry of Justice of Russia entered the Republic in the register of media-“foreign agents” because of the paid subscriptions issued for the publication from the United States and Kazakhstan. About it informs Republic editor-in-chief Dmitry Kolezev.

According to the documents, the Ministry of Justice considered the subscription payment by the Consulate General of Finland, the embassies of Kazakhstan, France, Lithuania and several other companies from Switzerland, Germany and the United States to be foreign financing.

In 2019, the department recorded 178.5 thousand rubles of foreign funding from the Republic.

“We calculated that this is something around 0.18% of the turnover. We will soon have a trial on foreign agent status. Judge Nelli Rubtsova, who had previously refused a bunch of “foreign agents,” Kolezev wrote.

The Ministry of Justice entered Moscow Digital Media (founder of the Republic) in the register of media outlets as “foreign agents” in October 2021.

Republic works on a closed subscription model – the full texts of materials are available only for a paid subscription. The editor-in-chief of the publication Dmitry Kolezev then wrote in his Telegram channel that the Republic “does not have foreign funding – it exists solely at the expense of subscribers’ money.”

The Ministry of Justice of Russia maintains several registers of “foreign agents”:

The most numerous is the register of media-“foreign agents”, which now includes 113 individuals and legal entities. This list includes such independent and investigative projects as The Insider, Meduza, TV Rain, Important Stories and Bellingcat.

Earlier, editors-in-chief of more than 20 media outlets appealed to President Vladimir Putin and Minister of Justice Konstantin Chuichenko demanding that the current list of “foreign agents” be canceled and the legislation on “foreign agents” adopted in 2017 be amended. In 2019, Putin signed the law on “foreign agents” into law, according to which individuals can also be recognized as “agents”.


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