In Belarus, Olga Klaskovskaya, already convicted for participating in the protests, was given 2.5 years

In Belarus, a court sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in the case of insulting a policeman (Article 369 of the Criminal Code) journalist Olga Klaskovskaya, who is already serving a sentence in a colony for participating in protests, informs human rights center “Viasna”.

According to investigators, on October 14, 2020, Klaskovskaya wrote a comment in which she insulted Andrei Khvesyuk, an employee of the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Brest. The criminal case was opened in August 2021, when Klaskovskaya had already been convicted.

During the process, the journalist filed a motion to remove her from the courtroom, because she believes that “her trial is illegal and unfair.” Her request was granted. Klaskovskaya left the courtroom with the words “Long live Belarus.”

Klaskovskaya’s mother told Belarusian service of Radio Liberty that Olga was kept for three months in a cell-type room of the Gomel women’s colony No. 4. According to Lyudmila Klaskovskaya, her daughter was banned from broadcasts, phone calls and dates for three months.

“Olga now has a lot of diseases, loss of vision, swelling of her legs, back pain, hormonal disorders. Thanks to the fact that I send the necessary medicines, she can remain in a more or less relative condition,” Lyudmila said.

Maria Kolesnikova was transferred to the women’s correctional colony No. 4 in Gomel. Kolesnikova’s father, lawyers and former prisoners told Current Time about what is known about this colony:

In December 2020, Olga Klaskovskaya was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of gross violation of public order (Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code) for blocking the traffic of cars at the intersection of Rokossovsky Avenue and Plekhanov street. Klaskovskaya, a former correspondent of the publication “Narodnaya Volya”, after the announcement of the verdict, shouted: “My life was not lived in vain, I am with my people. Long live Belarus!” In her last speech, she said that the police beat her severely during her arrest.

In the correctional colony, Klaskovskaya was repeatedly placed in a punishment cell and a cell-type room. After the initiation of a criminal case, she was transferred to SIZO-7 in Brest and registered as “prone to extremist and other destructive activities” and “prone to taking hostages, attacking the administration and hooliganism.”


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