Petersburg suspended planned medical care due to coronavirus

Petersburg, from January 21, a ban was introduced on medical examinations of adults and children, as well as on planned medical care for adults on an outpatient basis. About it writes “Fountain”. The new rules will remain in effect until further notice.

The ban on the provision of planned care does not apply to cases where the delay may lead to a deterioration in the condition, a threat to the life and health of patients.

The decision does not apply to non-governmental institutions, dentistry, antenatal clinics and pre-trip, post-shift and other similar examinations.

Petersburg, according to official data As of January 21, a new maximum for cases of coronavirus infection was recorded – 5922 cases, 45 people died. The website of the administration says that there are 18 federal and city hospitals in St. Petersburg. 8002 beds are deployed, the free bed fund is 48.84%.

In Russia, 49,513 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded over the past day. This is the highest daily incidence rate for the entire period of the pandemic. Most of all new cases of the disease in Moscow – 15,987 people.


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