“We worked for Poland” for a bottle “: the state TV of Belarus released a story about a search of the detained journalists of the Mogilev Region portal”

In Belarus, the state regional channel “Belarus 4” showed a story about searches on January 14 at the employees’ and offices of the “Mogilev Region” portal (6tv.by). Story video published in the telegram channel “Alternative Opinion”, where the journalists were called “corrupt scoundrels” and added “your Polish song is sung.”

The publication wrote that during the searches, the security forces were interested in the editor-in-chief Dmitry Solovyov and the sources of funding for the site. Security officials also carried out searches in the editorial office of 6tv.by on July 13, 2021. Then the security forces took away the equipment. The next day, Solovyov, who was abroad, was summoned to a conversation at the GUBOPiK, allegedly on an administrative case.

The author of the program, Natalya Ilyinich, said that the security forces “discovered another group working for destructive media,” and also stopped “criminal activities related to calls for radical actions, the spread of fake information, and everything else.” “The destructive telegram channel was organized by the same fugitives who settled in Poland,” she says. In the frame they show a photo of Solovyov’s ID.

Ilyinich called the journalists “unfortunate hacks” and “non-journalists” who, as she said, “did not skimp on fakes and fabrications” and “sold their homeland for a bottle a long time ago.”

The frame also shows a man who says: “Begging, walking through the garbage dumps and lending money.” Then shots of an envelope with money on which the name of the chief editor of the portal, Boris Vyrvich, is written.

“Ornithologists of the Mogilev region are closely watching the nesting of Polish nightingales, and in the region itself the toxic information field has already been cleared,” says Natalya Ilyinich at the end of the story.

Portal “Mogilev Region” is a non-commercial civic initiative of journalists to create public media. The site says that they do not aim to make a profit, this is a social mission and citizenship.


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