Zelensky called the mistakes of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine

Zelensky called the mistakes of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine

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Zelensky assessed the risks of escalation from Russia

Russia will make a number of mistakes if it decides to invade Ukraine and seize new territories, the president believes.

Russia will make a mistake if it decides to invade Ukraine and seize Crimea or establish a land corridor to Crimea. Another mistake of the Russian Federation is the opinion that a pro-Russian government can be installed in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview The Washington Post.

“Kharkiv, which is under the control of the Ukrainian government, can be occupied. Russia needs an excuse: they will say that they are protecting the Russian-speaking population. After the occupation and annexation of Crimea, we understand that this is feasible and can happen. But I don’t know what they are going to do, because “They are big cities. More than 1 million people live in Kharkiv. This will not be just an occupation; this will be the beginning of a large-scale war,” Zelensky said.

Asked if the Russians could try to seize territories to provide a land connection to Crimea and a reservoir north of Crimea to improve the peninsula’s water supply, Zelensky replied: “I will say that it is realistic if Russia decides to increase the escalation; of course they are going to do it on those territories where people who had family ties with Russia historically live.

He emphasized that Ukraine does not forget about the occupied territories. “They want us and the world to forget about Crimea. They occupied it and raised separatists in Donbas. They will be ready to give Donbas to us if we forget about Crimea. No one will forget Crimea,” he said.

Zelensky also announced the impossibility of establishing a government controlled by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. “It is impossible to create a government that is completely controlled by Russia. Even if they do, it will be the most short-lived government, because people simply will not accept it,” he said.

“Maybe Putin thinks that the majority of Ukrainians support him and his policies. I think it’s a big mistake to think so,” the president added.

Zelensky also noted that the main task remains the preservation of the territory of Ukraine.

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