The nest of Polish nightingales will go into oblivion

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The poet, translator, literary secretary of Anna Akhmatova Anatoly Naiman died in Moscow. The rest is not up to poetry:

  • Ramzan Kadyrov threatens to kill the Yangulbaev family.
  • The governor of St. Petersburg explained the snow that had not been removed from the streets by the fact that his father had reached Berlin.
  • After talks with the US Secretary of State, Lavrov said he was waiting for a written response from the US to Russia’s “suggestions” about what NATO should not do.
  • Russia recorded a record daily increase in new cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Either in jail or underground”

The “Committee against Torture” filed an urgent complaint with the ECtHR because of the kidnapping in Nizhny Novgorod of Zarema Musayeva, the mother of the “Committee’s” lawyer Abubakar Yangulbaev. All Friday Musaeva’s relatives and their colleagues could not find out anything about Musaeva’s whereabouts – Abubakar Yangulbaev himself tells about it here. Putin’s spokesman Peskov, when asked how this is possible, replied: “We prefer not to believe such reports.”

Ramzan Kadyrov, commenting on the forcible removal of Zarema Musayeva to Chechnya, saidthat “law enforcement agencies are doing their job, and a bunch of people who call themselves “human rights defenders” are whining about breaking the law.” He added that already in Grozny, Zarema Musayeva “attacked a police officer and almost deprived him of an eye” (thus having already earned herself “a real-time article”). At the end of his post, the head of Chechnya writes: “I declare that this family is waiting for a place either in prison or underground. And it doesn’t depend on me anymore. I know the mood in society. As long as at least one Chechen is alive, the members of this family will no longer be able to freely enjoy life, the honor of every representative of our people is so deeply hurt.”

After the appearance of this post by Kadyrov, the telegram channel “Before everyone else. Well, almost.” published a video in which Musayeva, in a conversation with the Chechen Ombudsman, claims that the police did not use violence against her and bought medicines for diabetes.

For those who preferred not to follow this story, here it is presented from beginning to end.

In other regions of Russia

  • The publication published an article stating that Evgeny Prigozhin, the owner of RIA FAN (the former “troll factory”) and the sponsor of the Wagner PMC, was involved in the information campaign against the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. The material claimed that Prigozhin instructed websites controlled by him to criticize Beglov for the fact that St. Petersburg streets are not cleared of snow and ice, and garbage is not taken out from the New Year. A day later Prigogine sued to Beglov, on the contrary, picked up the thesis that he was being “poisoned.” At a meeting with heads of theaters and concert organizations, the St. Petersburg mayor made such a speech: “It’s impossible to scare me. I am the eighth child in the family, and my father came to Berlin. We have 22 people died, two Heroes of the Soviet Union. Snow, ice and garbage where they were, there they remained.
  • Deputy Chief Physician of the Surgut Clinical Traumatology Hospital attacked on the journalists of Novaya Gazeta, who are preparing material about the suicides of nurses who worked there (there is a video). Police in Krasnodar beaten the journalist, after he asked them to show documents, was locked up for the night in the department, and then a protocol was drawn up against him on disobedience to the police, today the trial.
  • In Kemerovo, in relation to human rights activist Vladimir Taranenko, who is in a pre-trial detention center on charges of extortion, excited a new criminal case – about the creation of a cell of the banned organization AUE. Taranenko works for the Siberia Legal organization, which protects the rights of prisoners. The criminal case against him arose after a high-profile publication about torture. In the pre-trial detention center, they put pressure on him – in particular, he has been sitting in a punishment cell for the fifth month, where he is forced to walk in plastic bags on his feet instead of shoes (the old one was worn out, but parcels are not transferred to the punishment cell).
  • Alexander Zimbovsky, who spoke in support of the protesters in Kazakhstan, was detained at the exit of the Sakharovo special detention center near Moscow, where he served 15 days of administrative arrest, and arrested for another 15 days.
  • Activist of the unregistered party “The Other Russia of Eduard Limonov” Olga Shalina arrested for 15 days for an action of solidarity with arrested comrades.
  • From the Unified State Register of Legal Entities disappeared data on the founders of near-state foundations – Innopraktika, Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova, the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, the Talent and Success Foundation, which is headed by cellist and Putin’s wallet Sergei Roldugin, and others. This is explained by the order of the Federal Tax Service of August 31, 2020, which allows do not provide information about the founders when registering with the tax NPO, foundations, political parties, etc.

Concerns of the Russian Federation

in Geneva passed negotiations between the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Russia and the United States. Lavrov said he was waiting for a written response from the United States to Russia’s demands on NATO. In a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry saysthat “E. Blinken was clearly informed that further disregard for the concerns of the Russian Federation would have the most serious consequences.” Here, the intense diplomatic exchange of recent weeks is commented on by Russian political scientist Andrei Kolesnikov and Americanist Alexandra Filippenko (spoiler quote: “The most important question to which there is no answer is why? Why all this? What prevents the existence of Russia?”).

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss statedthat in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, Russia will be waiting for a new Afghanistan – British press writes about plans to transfer the British military to NATO countries neighboring Ukraine. Military intelligence of Ukraine claimsthat in recent weeks Russia has been strengthening an armed group in areas of Donbass not controlled by Kiev and is conducting an “active recruitment of mercenaries” to be sent to Donbass.

Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin saidthat next week the State Duma will discuss the proposal of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to recognize the so-called “DPR” and “LPR” as independent states. There is a version that this recognition can replace or supplement the Russian military invasion – here it is discussed by the expert of the Carnegie Moscow Center Konstantin Skorkin.

In Belarus and Kazakhstan

  • The court sentenced Belarusian journalist Olga Klaskovskaya, who is already serving a sentence in the Homel colony for participating in protests, to 2.5 years in prison in the case of insulting a policeman.
  • The state regional channel “Belarus 4” showed a story about the searches on January 14 in the editorial office of the website “Mogilev Region” ( and at the home of the publication’s employees. The author of the story, Natalya Ilyinich, calls the “Mogilev region” “destructive media”, and its authors “unfortunate hacks” and “non-journalists” who “long ago sold their homeland for a bottle.” The plot ends with the words: “Ornithologists of the Mogilev region are closely watching the nesting of Polish nightingales, and in the region itself the toxic information field has already been cleared.”
  • President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev instructed deal with the purchases of the Samruk-Kazyna fund, the state investment holding of Kazakhstan. He criticized the behind-the-scenes and non-transparent procurement, and explained: “Plato is my friend, but the truth is dearer.” The chairman of the board of the fund, according to Tokayev, has already been informed about the situation. “If it fails to cope with the task of reforming, it will go into oblivion,” the President of Kazakhstan said.
  • The Nazarbayev educational program “Bolashak” will be reoriented to technical specialties and Russian universities.
  • The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the January events in Kazakhstan. The deputies called for initiating an international investigation and imposing sanctions against Kazakh officials under the EU regime for human rights violations. Violations include overly broad and arbitrary interpretations of the concept of “terrorism”, the unjustified use of firearms and the practice of violence against detainees. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan called the document biased.
  • The level of violence in police stations can be judged from the story of a Kyrgyzstani who was accidentally detained at a checkpoint in Almaty: he has a concussion, an open fracture of both legs and six ribs (now he is being treated in Kyrgyzstan).

Chronicles of a pandemic

Russia recorded a record daily increase in new cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic – 49,513 (of which 16,000 in Moscow and almost 6,000 in St. Petersburg), 692 deaths from covid per day were registered throughout the country. Russian Prime Minister Mishustin translated government to work remotely. In St. Petersburg, due to an increase in the incidence, the provision of planned medical care was suspended.

Reading links

  • Holocaust. excerpt From Meriel Schindler’s The Lost Café at Schindler’s. The History of the Holocaust and the Fate of an Austro-Hungarian Family” (published by “KoLibri”) – about the life of Austrian Jews after the Anschluss. Or history propaganda film “The Fuhrer gives the Jews a city”, filmed in Terezin and completed in the winter of 1945, when no one needed it.
  • German cinema. Conversation about the most important thing with the classic of the New German cinema, friend of Theodor Adorno and German television reformer Alexander Kluge. Or History of creation the most radical film by Werner Herzog “Heart of Glass” – to the 45th anniversary of the masterpiece.
  • Music. excerpt from neuroscientist and musician Daniel Levitin’s On the Music: The Science of Human Obsession with Sound (Alpina Non-Fiction), about how a car horn differs from classical music from the point of view of the human brain. Or history German electronic music from Stockhausen to glitch.
  • Education device. Two articles by philosopher Alexander Vileikis and sociologist Maxim Ni: first – about how the 1970s and 1980s gave rise to the capitalist model of American science and how already in the 21st century Britain and France tried to adopt it; and second, which explains how the recent merger of Russian grant funds from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Science Foundation has robbed young scientists and humanitarian teams of growth prospects.
  • The organization of cities. excerpt from the sociologist Viktor Vakhshtein’s book “Imagining the City. Introduction to the Theory of Conceptualization” (published by “UFO”) – about the literal and non-literal city. Or conversation with Grigory Sverdlin, director of the Nochlezhka charitable organization, about where the homeless and stereotypes about them come from.
  • Insects. excerpt from the book by Bert Helldobler and Edward Wilson “Journey to the Ants. How the Most Numerous Insects of the Planet Wage Wars, Collaborate and Create Communities” (published by “Bombora”). Or story about microbeetles, featherwings, which fly quite differently from all other animals.

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