In Moscow, the opening of the festival “Artdocfest” was disrupted: director Mansky was doused with paint

In Moscow, on the evening of March 31, the opening of the Artdocfest documentary film festival was disrupted. 15 minutes before the start of the film-opening of the festival “The Life of Ivanna Yaptune” in the cinema “October”, the cinema was closed “for technical reasons”, and all those present were asked to leave the building. As they write telegram channel “Beware the News” and TV channel RTVI allegedly received a message about the mining of the building.

When all the guests of the festival went out into the street, director Vitaly Mansky, who is the organizer of the festival, was doused with paint from a coffee glass. The RTVI video shows how a man is chasing Mansky at the entrance to Oktyabr. He approaches the director and says: “Maybe because now is not the time for such festivals? I suggest you hold this festival in the Donbass, where people have been dying for eight years… Why didn’t you do anything there?” Mansky does not answer his questions, and when he tried to leave, the man doused him with paint.

Vitaly Mansky himself announced on his page that today both “opening and closing” of the festival took place:

“Artdocfest” is one of the most popular Russian documentary film festivals. Since 2007, it has been held in several cities of Russia at once, and since 2014 – in Riga: this happened due to pressure on the organizers of the festival in Russia.

In December 2017, activists of the radical movement SERB and supporters of the separatists of Donbass disrupted the screening of the film “Flight of a Bullet” at the Artdocfest festival in Moscow. The incident also took place at the Oktyabr movie theater shortly after the screening began. Also, the organizers of the festival were forced to cancel the screening of the film “War for Peace” directed by Yevgeny Titarenko: he talked about the volunteer Ukrainian medical battalion “Hospitallers”. The film “Mustafa” about the leader of the Crimean Tatar movement Mustafa Dzhemilev was also canceled: the cinema “October” withdrew the film from the screening without explanation.

Shortly thereafter, a court in Moscow fined the organizers of “Artdocfest” 100,000 rubles for showing the film, claiming that it had allegedly been shown without a distribution certificate.

“We are not going underground yet and we are not leaving for emigration, but in our work we are forced to use the experience of both the first and the second,” wrote after that, director of the film festival Vitaly Mansky.

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